Monday, October 4, 2010

Review movie: Deepshikha (2010) - Old Wine, New Bottle

After super success of 
DhadkanNaresh Paudel comes with highly ambitious project ‘Deepshikha‘ starring Arunima Lamsal, Niraj Baral, Jiwan Luitel in major roles. Deep Shikha is a journey of a dreamy girl in search of her knight in the shinning armor. A simple boy meets girl story turns into love triangle after introduction of another actor in the story. Scripted by Arunima Lamsal herself, the movie seems to be inspired from various Bollywood flicks like Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, Sirf Tum, etc and even our own classic Kusume Rumal.
The movie had a star-studded premiere on Thursday in Kumari Hall, where more than dozen old and new faces from Cinesansar were present. Yesteryears Bhuvan K.C. along with new generation Nisha Adhikary were also present in the premier. It took people by surprise when one of the lead actor of the movie Niraj Baral entered in the hall holding hand of new gal, which later he confirmed is her girlfriend. We can smell something burning, Rejina!
Though, the main plot of the movie seems interesting the movie gets derailed with various predictable subplots in the movie which the director introduces as the movie progresses. It gives you ‘Been there, Done that‘ feeling which watching the movie.
Deepshikha (Arunima) is a rich girl, who had lost her father in early age. She always dreams of her prince in charming in white horse. She tries very hard to see the face of the man in the horse, but everytime she wakes up.
One day a young and dashing Niraj (Niraj Baral) comes from UK, who is son of her late father’s close friend. Due to same old pact between father’s regarding marriages of their children with each other, Deepshika engages with Niraj. 15 days after engagement, Niraj leaves to UK for some important work while love stricken Deepshika plans a trip to Pokhara with her friends.
During this trip something unexpected happens, she meets a new man - Deep (Jiwan Luitel).
Is Deep the prince charming that she had been seeing in her dreams?
Even if so, how could now she go after him after engagement with Niraj ?
The whole twist and turns starts to unravel!
Despite being old wine in a new bottle, the movie does have some interesting moments. Director Paudel has nicely shown his forte in handling mis-mashed subjects effectively. While same cannot be said about the actors though. New comer Niraj and Jiwan does need some crash course in acting; Jiwan should lose his loud and theatrical style of acting. Niraj definitely has a long way to go. Arunima, looks stunning with some designer clothes, while her acting as remained same as before - Neither good nor bad.
In order for any love story to work, it needs to have a strong music. This is one more spot where Deepshika falters. Apart from one song rendered by Karna Das, music of the movie is not even worth mentioning.
Though targeted among youth loving love sagas; like Mero Euta Saathi Cha, First Love, the movie firmly lacks the quality and standard required to pull the targeted audience.

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