Sunday, January 30, 2011

fashion shoot, according to the website Digital Fashion Photography, consists of many elements: a model, photographer, and stylist, plus makeup and hair artists. When you have a stellar fashion shoot idea, choose your model based on the theme. Make sure that you have a good model who can execute the shoot's aesthetic. There are many great shoot ideas that can you can customize and make your own

  • Choose a specific style of clothing to inspire your shoot. For example, you may want to use only black dresses or lace gloves. If you have four models, for example, have each model display a different dress or wear different gloves. This method allows each model to play with their personality and aesthetic. Though you are using the same sort of item on each model, the magic occurs between the model's unique sense of self and the general direction of the shoot.

  • Juxtaposition

  • Take your models to a specific location and juxtapose the setting against their fashion. For instance, you may want to have the models wear very futuristic outfits (silver usually helps achieve the futuristic look) and place them in an antiquated location, like cobblestone streets or plantation fields. Likewise, you could place your models in the busy streets of New York or a large city and have them dress in simple, country belle-style dresses.

  • Decade

    Have your photo shoot set around a particular decade's fashion. Have the set transformed into the style of the decade as well, or shoot the models in the decade's fashion without a set. The 1950s saw many women wearing ponytails or beehives and high-waist skirts with cardigans. The 1920s had a definitive look of their own: short, wavy hair with loose-fitting silhouetted dresses. Do your research and make sure you understand the decade's fashion thoroughly. Use the website to learn more about fashions

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