Monday, January 24, 2011

French Manicure Designs & Tips

French Menicure Designs is widely accepted and the latest fashion statement today. Now beautification is not limited 
to face or the body by wearing beautiful dress, ornaments, earrings, brooches and like. If you want to design any print or pictures or you want to have smiley painted on your nail, tattoo or any other designs then you should easily get it. Menicure is so IN the fashion trend that it will make different from the crowd and your nail looks very pretty and different from the normal crowd. Its Very easy to print any Design on your nails.

The classic French Manicure dates as far back as the 1800s and is based on a high luster ‘natural’ nail look using a Light color at the base of the nail.

French Manicure Tips..

  • First of all you need to  clean you nails properly.
  • Remove your old polish before you begin.
  • Don’t file the nails in a back and forth motion. Instead, go from side to side, in one direction.
  • Your nails should be shaped into oval tips.
  • Buff the surface of the nails after filing.
  • Soften your cuticles by soaking in a small bowl of soapy, warm water or cuticle cream.
  • Gently loosen your cuticles with cuticle watch videos

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