Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good Photo Shoot Ideas

If you are a photographer trying to expand your portfolio, or a model looking for a way to stand out, creative photo shoots are key. A creative, engaging photo shoot works to both the photographer's and the model's advantage, but finding a new theme or a new environment can be challenging. Consider what new elements you can introduce to make a photo shoot more compelling.

Use Water

  • Water adds a sense of motion to the picture when it is thrown around or splashed. You may choose to have a photo shoot where the model has containers of water she can empty or spray. You may also choose to place the model in shallow water, where she can kick or splash the water around around, causing sprays and arcs of water in the pictures.

  • Large Props

  • If you have been working with small hand-held props, it might be time to look on a bigger scale. Look for props that fill up a photograph, like pieces of furniture or farm equipment. Ask the model to interact with the prop using his entire body, whether that means climbing in it or under it. This can produce dynamic pictures where the model is integrated with his environment rather than simply resting in it.

  • In the Home

  • People behave differently when they are in their own environment than when they are in a studio. Consider asking the model to allow you to take pictures of her in her home. This can help her relax, and it can give the photographs a sense of peace and serenity that would be absent in a photograph taken in a professional studio.

  • Small Spaces

  • Look for or create small areas the model can fit inside. Small spaces lend themselves to tension and to a sense of claustrophobia, and this can result in dramatic photos. You may choose to dress the model in tight-fitting clothes to accentuate his shape, or you can choose loose, flowing clothes that can be moved to highlight the shape of the space.

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