Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to Dress Fashionably for Autumn

Designing fashionable outfits to wear during autumn can be fun and exciting. Just follow these simple tips for a successful fall wardrobe.


  • Autumn fashions are some of the most enjoyable to wear because they cover a broad spectrum of design and personal appeal. Due to the varied climate and temperature fluctuations during this time of the year, the fashionable clothing options can range from summer-type outfits to sweaters and coats.

    When purchasing fall clothes, don't allow the temperature changes to force you to look pieced together in a haphazard way. You can still exemplify fashion quality and design in a manner that coordinates and compliments your taste and style. Several tips will help you as you shop and create those appealing autumn fashion designs.

    Tip Number One: Streamline Slacks and Skirts

    The days of shorts, Capri pants, and summer skirts have come to an end, and it's time to transition into long pants and skirts. As you prepare for autumn, choose slacks and jeans that slenderize your legs. It is best to stick with dark colored bottoms that are in the black, gray, and brown color spectrum. Of course, denim slacks or jeans are also a must have for the cooler weather that is coming your way. Autumn fashion is typically warm and soft, so choose solid colored slacks and skirts that don't look busy or complicated. It is important to steer clear of pants and skirts that are pleated and appear to have a bubble appearance.

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    Tip Number Two: Layered Tops

    Since autumn can bring severe temperature changes during the course of only a few hours, it is critical that you wear layers, so you can add and remove them as needed. Popular and fashionable options would include lightweight button down blazers, jackets, and cardigan sweaters. Once again, stick with warm toned items that are neutral in hue and pattern. For a little flavor and style, you can add a colorful top under a jacket or cardigan. A complimentary autumn fashion design is to pair a colorful silk or rayon blouse or tank top with a color-coordinating blazer. For a more casual look, you can wear a graphic t-shirt or designed tank top as the bottom layer and add a warmer layer on top.

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    Tip Number Three: Accessorize with Scarves

    Autumn fashion is at its best when an outfit is glamorized with a scarf. There are many fabric choices and texture variations in accent scarves. Some are soft and simple, while others are bold and dramatic. The nice thing about a scarf is not just its fashion appeal; it also provides warmth. Popular fashion trends even allow lightweight scarves to accessorize a short sleeve top. Scarves can be worn long or tied around the neck to enhance an autumn outfit.

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