Monday, January 3, 2011

Richa Sharma my favorite

Richa Sharma who gained popularity overnight through her splendid performance in “First Love” and as been a part of more than two dozen music videos, shares her favorites with Nivida Lamichhane

Cosmetic: I use Blush from C/K and foundation from Body Shop
Watch: I bought this in Frankfurt and it goes with anything. The strap looks like the traditional Sun Chadi Tama, so I love it!

Perfume: Chance from Chanel and I have been using it for the last 5 years.

Accessories: Red chunky earrings that I bought in Delhi 2 years back. The funny thing is, after buying this, I bought a saree that matched this piece.

Souvenir: I treasure this. This is very special to me gift which my friend gave three years back.

This is very special to me as I got it in Jaipur where i  was with my father who is no longer with us

Shoes: I got these in Nepal itself. I am very fond of Indian look and I bought these in I See It First.

Book: Khaled Hosseini is undoubtedly my favorite writer and The Kite Runner is the best book I have read till date.

Favorite for winter: Long coats.
Favorite shopping place: In Nepal, it would be anywhere and Mumbai when overseas.
Favorite designer: I love works of Nuzrat Kazi when it comes to Nepali designers or else Stephanie from Hamburg.
Holiday destination: Goa and Egypt.
Social networking site: What else but Facebook!
Photographer: Kishor Kayastha.
Hang out place: I am a pure homebuddy.
Director you want to work with: Prashant Rasaili.
Favorite role, the character you want to portray: A blind girl.
Adventure Sports: Cycling
Brand?: Zara

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