Thursday, February 24, 2011

Aarati Acharya , Nepali Video Jockey, Actor, Model

Aarati Acharya 
Video Jockey, Actor

Hi- On: Fame, Looks, Personality, Talent

A VJ and an actress, Aarati Acharya has achieved what many others of her age haven’t in the field. 

We mostly know her for the role of Sophiya in hit Kantipur TV show College and she’s recently joined the team of NTV-2 Metro to host Play It On- a popular call-in program. 

With her passion for her work and talent, she rose to popularity in no time! Currently doing her bachelor’s degree, 

Aarati is not just a pretty face which you’ll notice in the first place because she’s got what it takes to make it big.

Friends call you (nickname): 
aaru, motu, kalu

Star Sign: 

Student, VJ

Education Qualification: 
Bachelor running

Hobbies/ Interests: 
I love sleeping, eating, and doing whatever that provides me loads of rest as I'm very lazy. Even shopping whole day is something I can never get rid of. I Love being with my friends and HANGING AROUND IS SOMETHING I REALLY ENJOY..

 Describe yourself :: 
I am soft spoken, kind hearted, totally down to earth, humble, sweet by nature but it's equally true that I lose my temper quickly although I get back to normal very soon. I am a girl who loves having fun all the time and I believe, thinking about your past and future and wasting about time is all useless. So enjoy your present and always keep on smiling, just like me...

What are you passionate about? : 
Food, my work in media...Actually, there are many things.

What physical attributes of the opposite sex attract you?: 
Innocent looks, cute eyes and sexy lips. However, attitude really counts as well.

And who would you pick for the tag of sexiest man alive?: 
Umm........who else? Of course...... Hehehehe...

From 1 to 10 rate your sex appeal.: 

How much can you commit into a relationship?: 
I guess, it's really hard to find someone like me who is really comitted towards relationship...There are no limits or boundaries for that.

You prefer men wearing?: 
Umm...Well, it depends on how they carry it. No matter what they wear.

Your idea of a romantic date?: 
It must be a surprise from his side...Only we two and a romantic silent place and my favorite food, of course!! How can that be missed???

What would you wear on a hot date?: 
Something that will make my partner's eyes get stuck on me

Turn you on by?: 
A simple hug...and few words from his heart.

It’s a date deal breaker when (what turns you off)?: 
Not being punctual...

What you don’t understand about men?: 
People say that it's really difficult to understand a girl....but the fact is a guy can never be understood... I guess, the fake attitude that they processes is extremely difficult to be understood.

Biggest misconception about women?: 
We are responsible for everything in a relationship which is not 

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